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PoiseCode is a software development company that helps entrepreneurs and businesses challenge the status quo with best-in-class digital products.

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“...If only one remembers to turn on the lights” - We listened to Dumbledore

While working for this brand, it was of immense importance that we as a web development agency create something that is a true reflection of their brand identity. As our PoiseCode’s team set out to take care of this requirement we also had to keep in mind that the website that needed to be built had to be a DTC website which had to be built, specifically, on the latest tech stack… and they disrupted the flashlight industry by turning on the lights. Read on to find out how we listened to Dumbledore.

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Case Study


“Aha” Moment

We got the opportunity to work closely with the founders to give their website a complete structural overhaul, including a revamp of its appearance. They needed their website to clearly depict the fact that they belonged to the design industry and to get this message across to as many people as possible through the sheer use of motion and graphics. And we believe in creating the best so check out the entire story of how we created a LIT 🔥 Design website.

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Why Choose Us?

User research and product strategy

User research and product strategy

By comprehending the market, the product vision, and the product positioning, we are able to construct user personas and determine how the solution would solve the problem.
Structured approach to problem solving

Structured approach to problem solving

The path to building a great product begins with setting the groundwork and understanding the 'why' we need to solve this problem, followed by constructing a logical 'how' we can do it using the 'what tools.
Product design with a strong brand identity

Product design with a strong brand identity

We put in focused efforts to mirror your brand's identity in the product we are building, as a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person, and you earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
Disrupt the status quo

Disrupt the status quo

To expand in this commodities market, we investigate unit economics and customer behaviour patterns, then innovate to provide the best product that challenges the status quo.


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I gave PoiseCode my highest recommendation for anyone looking for the assistance they offered for website development. They did a fantastic job of comprehending my company's needs and the industry, as well as the product being delivered according to the roadmap.

Uddhav Shinde
AP, Gseams

My experience with PoiseCode has been really great You guys do a really good job. I am glad I worked with you’ll for creating my website. PoiseCode has been extremely accommodate with the time since I was working from the US and the team is extremely warm and friendly

New york University

I would say that the PoiseCode's team is really effective at determining the client's goal and coming up with solutions to help them achieve it. I would strongly suggest PoiseCode to anyone trying to construct a product in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Kalyani Deshpande

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